If  the universal fight for human liberty is to be successful, we must treat this fight as a war.  In fighting a war two things must be known before one can hope to take successful action.
1. A correct understanding of yourself and your capabilities
2. A correct understanding of your enemy and their capabilities.

The universal rule for discovering truth in the affairs of men, is that one must follow the money.  Indeed, behind every great and terrible person or event in history you will find a trail of money which made it all possible.

Many Americans are awakening to the reality of the Federal Reserve Bank. However, the Federal Reserve is only the tip of the iceberg. Most nations are now controlled by similar central banks. These central banks are interconnected through a power central bank that serves as a central bank to the world, the Bank for International Settlements.

The BIS coordinates monetary policy for all the major powers of our world. Central Banks in China, America, The EU, and most other nations are all tied together through this largely unknown central bank in Basil Switzerland. They also have influence over the IMF and the World Bank.

The media rarely mentions anything about the BIS. However, this is not a hard to prove wild conspiracy tale. This is a real bank; it is not a secret organization. The media is just completely failing to report on what may be the most powerful organization in this world. So, from the bank's own site and other reputable sources, lets look at who they are and what they do.

The BIS began in 1930. Its main purpose (originally) was to oversee the payment of German war reparations from WWI. One of the founders, Hjalmar Schacht, later served as Hitler’s minister of finance. They were a crucial part of the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and early 1940’s. As WWII raged, the bank remained neutral funding both sides. Two of the board of directors Walter Funk and Emil Puhl, were later convicted in the Nazi war crimes tribunal. After the war, many nations wanted to see the bank dismantled, but John Maynard Keynes lobbied the governments of the U.S. and the U.K. to keep the bank in tact. The bank was later used to help fund the Marshal Plan. Since 1950 on the bank has been slowly gaining influence in most of economies of the world.

Many critical thinkers have popularized the theory that the wars in Libya and Iraq were less about human rights and freedom and more about oil and resources.  After all, we do not commit these kind of resources to upend every third world dictator who is abusing people. Although I have no doubt that control of resources does factor into such wars, the actual impact of these nations production is small on the long term global economy. And if it was just about resources, why didn't we remove these guys years before?  Qaddafi's Libya and Saddam's Iraq, shared more than oppressive government and oil; they had both in the years before broken ties with the BIS.  In fact, before the Libyan rebels set up a new government, they established a new central bank, tied to the BIS.  Similar things happened in Iraq

During my time with the Navy in Africa, I saw the effects of the World Bank's dept slavery on third world economies.  I saw what happens to poor nations which have the nerve to rise up and seek to throw off the shackles of this debt slavery.  There is either an invasion from an outside force, or a surprisingly well funded bloody revolution.  Did you really think the Arab Spring just grew overnight, that well funded and organized?  Most of the wars in modern history  have less to do with resources and political ideology as they do central banking.

Like other central banks which are apart of the BIS system, the Bank for International Settlements is a super-national organization severely lacking in transparency.  Simply put, we do not know exactly how much money is passing through the bank, and who is involved.

They will on occasion release some figures. From what we do know about the Bank, it becomes clear that they are the central player in the multi-trillion dollar derivatives scam. We also know that they are heavily involved in the manipulation of commodities. Thus they influence everything from the performance of your 401k to the price at the grocery store.  And of course it is all based on good old Marxist style central banking.

When most people learn of the Federal Reserve they become disturbed that an unelected group of private central bankers control the U.S. economy.  But understanding that the Federal Reserve is nothing but a front for a much larger international central banking system is even more disturbing.  When one realizes that through various front organizations they are profiting from war and perpetual poverty, every feeling human being becomes disturbed.  The world as we know it, as the mass propaganda factories present it, is a lie.  These are the money changers of our day; the type of people that Jesus drove from the temple with a whip.  If we are ever going to reduce the poverty and war that springs from their debt slavery, we need to put an end to their power.  


If these people are this powerful, what can we possibly hope to do against such a machine?  The first thing we need to do is accept the reality of the situation.  Obviously, you are not going to be able to gather a group of friends and overthrow this empire with force.  Nor is there much hope of electing enough people to overcome this in any upcoming election, not in a world where big finance drives politics. 

This is going to take time, and it starts by raising public awareness.  How many people do you know, who know about the Bank for International Settlements?  The public needs to be made aware what is happening, and it is not going to come from Fox News, CNN or any other major media outlet.  It will have to come from the people through social media, through bloggers.  Learn about this and share this information with everyone you can. 

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  1. The Merchant Bankers were it - up until the 1930's. They all inner married - one Big Family.
    Financing both side of rebellions and Wars.
    The Knight Templars fled to Switzerland and Scotland and control Banks in the World.
    When they amass more power than they can handle things turn downward fast, History records all their ups and downs.
    Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton - the founders of this Country studied History and kicked them out of here.
    Jackson said in a death bed side interview with a journalist = I want to be remembered as the Guy Who Killed The Banks.