The fast against Judge Shelby's ruling has ended.  As the purpose of the fast was to turn back the unconstitutional action, it would have been pointless to continue the fast once a stay was issued. 

It is true, I was seeking nullification from the State of Utah in this matter.  I still see it it as the only viable long term solution, not only for this, but a host of other unconstitutional actions of the Federal Government.  I will still advocate that the Governor and other lawmakers exercise their right of nullification. 

While I will always fight for traditional marriage, it is far from the only issue confronting our society.  There are a whole host of problems being ignored by our corrupt and incompetent media, which need to come to light.  We need to do more to expose the true nature of Cultural Marxism, and the sickness that is satanic religion of Statism.  

On Monday, it will begin with a breakdown of the Bank for International Settlements. 


  1. Can you share your sources pertaining to this cultural marxism and sources about homosexuality being a tool to destroy religion? I'd like to read about this but I'm unable to find any information.

    1. A couple of videos, that are a bit long but good:

      And here is some written resource about Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School: