A Google search will reveal that Agenda 21 was established in 1992, from multiple sources. While that may be true, the concepts promoted by Agenda 21 predate the U.N.
There is an interesting series of books written by inventor King Gillette. Gillette is best known for the Gillette razor blade company, but his writings actually had a greater impact than his inventions, and not for good.

King was a late 19th- early 20th Century progressive/utopian thinker, who advocated and proposed many of the ideas which would become central to globalist ideology. Agenda 21 is actually a modified version of what he proposed in his books. Gillette, proposed the creation of mega-cities (one on each continent) in which the entire human population would reside. He also proposed a merger of various world governments and a world corporation, which would dominate all aspects of human life. He basically envisioned globalization on steroids!

Until I read his books, I was always perplexed as to why the statists were abandoning Marx's plank of equal population distribution. Instead, they seem bent on concentrating populations. It's easy to understand when you realize that they are not actually Marxist; they are totalitarians who use Marx's ideas to further their own agenda. King Gillette's proposal of urbanization, furthers their control agenda much more than Marx's distribution of population.

Rural areas are difficult to control. I grew up in a rural area, but much of my adult life has been spent in large cities. The freedom and independence of rural life is much greater. How many urban dwellers do you know that raise cattle and grow their own food? It's not hard to control people who are completely dependent on your supply chain. So, if you want to control the population, eliminate rural areas by moving people to the cities. For much of the past century elitists have been doing just that, throughout the world.

To move people off the farm, they launched widespread agricultural subsidies, which were designed to destroy small farms. They took control of seeds from small farmers with large companies like Monsanto, who use this control to further weaken small agriculture. They placed high inheritance and property taxes that drive many struggling family farms under the table. They create social programs (The Great Society) and government housing, which incentivizes farm laborers to become urban dwellers.

What do we do about it? 
Unfortunately, not everyone can immediately live in a rural area.  However, one can plan to live in a more free rural environment in time.  In the meantime I recommend making yourself less dependent on supply chains.  Buy extra food and supplies.  If you can, plant a garden.  reducing your dependency on the state/corporate complex make you more free.

Macroevolution & Microevolution
Academia and the media have sought to confuse these two types in the minds of the people. It is similar to the deceptive confusion many seek to create with illegal immigration by defining it and legal immigration as the same thing. The distinction between microevolution and macroevolution is just as significant.

This is evolution within a species. You can see examples of this unfolding before our eyes. A Toy Poodle is quite different from a Great Dane, yet they are still K-9. Their differences have come about from selective breeding over generations. No reasonable person disputes that such a thing is happening.

Darwin, was not the first to realize the realty of microevolution. Our most ancient ancestors were aware of such things. This is why from the earliest recorded times various domestic animals have been selectively bred.  Genesis even supports the reality of microevolution (see Genesis 30:37-42).

What Darwin proposed and many have embraced, is something completely different.

This is the concept that one species can evolve into another. Reptiles over time become birds. This is something which is believed to occur over millions of years, so we (how convenient) cannot see it happen in recorded history. This is where the controversy and scientific problems occur.

Darwin believed that in time fossil evidence would emerge which would validate his macroevolution theory. We will get into the problems with the fossil record in the second part.
This week I had the wonderful privilege of doing my income taxes.  Okay not really, it makes me sick to see how much money they took by force from my paycheck to fund programs I despise.  But I have the wonderful choice of doing it or having them come after me.

This experience has led me to think about some problems I am seeing with how many on the right perceive the taxes and class war.  The left has numerous examples economic fantasy masquerading as reality. We keep hearing from the left, the myth that the rich are not paying their fair share. They seem to think that tearing down the rich is gong to make everyone wealthy. The right also have a strange belief about the poor not paying their share.

We hear over and over from the right, the idea that almost 50% of Americans pay no taxes; this is not true. It is true that almost 50% pay no income taxes, but the income tax is only a fraction of the taxes the American people pay. Everyone pays sales tax. Every working person is paying painful taxes in the form of Social Security and Medicare. Every one is paying for the hidden corporate taxes in the form of a higher price for goods and services. Everyone pays the most painful tax of all, inflation.

I do agree that anyone on government assistance [such as welfare and unemployment] are taking much more than they are paying in and therefore not really paying taxes. However, every working person is paying more than their fair share, regardless of their income tax rate.

Class warfare works both ways, eating the poor is not a counterargument to the eat the rich strategy. Both are economic cannibalism and leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.  We saw it in 2012 when leftists used the conservative tax myth to go after people in their way.  The perpetuation of this myth by many on the right was a big part of why Obama was reelected...  If you believe the election was legitimate. 

At the end of the day Taxation is theft.  It is the government using force to take the fruit of our labor, against our will.  We don't need to raise taxes on anyone, poor or rich! We need to cut spending and lower taxes! Everyone who is not a government dependent, is being robbed.

Occasionally I will hear a seemingly well intentioned person utter the phrase: "There should be a law against that." I quickly correct them with the following argument:

Do you realize how many laws we already have? We have so many laws and regulations on the books that it is almost impossible for a normal person (especially in urban areas) to make it through the day without knowingly or unknowingly breaking the law.

You do realize that men such De Leon suggested implementing socialism through gradually increased laws and regulations? Did you know the our beloved "Land of the Free" has a higher per capita rate of incarceration than any other nation? Think about that, the average American is more likely to end up in prison than the average North Korean.

Yes, I know the war on drugs has a lot to do with that, but this is much bigger. Let's say I wanted to leave my home and live out of my truck in the mountains. In my state, the Federal government controls most of the land, I would likely be arrested or fined for homesteading on public land. If I wanted to start my own business, I would have to jump through an expensive and mind-numbing process of conforming with local, state, and federal anti-business regulations.

The whole point of this system is to demoralize the common person. To limit their ability to rise above being more than a cog in the grand socialist scheme. Now, I'm not making excuses for failure and mediocrity. No matter how repressive the system becomes, we still have the God given gift of agency and can rise above any hardship, if we are willing to pay the price. Never the less, it is much more difficult than it was a few decades ago, and if we keep adding more laws and regulations it will only get worse.

I do not consider myself Conservative or a Libertarian. I agree with both these groups on many issues, but I am neither. I am an anti-Marxist. On this issue, Libertarians are far less Marxist than Conservatives. Often, I see Conservatives say we need stricter laws. No, we don't need more laws, or stricter laws. As Reagan once declared:
"Government is not the solution, government is the problem."

You are not going to fix social problems with more laws. Can you not see that the more restrictive our laws become, the more lawless our society is becoming? I'm not advocating for an absence of laws, all orderly societies need laws. What I am advocating is that we only have laws which protect life, liberty, and property.

Then why are you so apposed to the homosexual movement?
Most of the what the homosexual movement is advocating is use of the government to force people into accepting and favoring them.  They want laws that restrict religious freedoms of individuals and organizations.  They want laws that make freedom of speech a hate crime.  They are a key tool of Cultural Marxist movements such as the Frankfurt School. In the grand scheme of things, the homosexual movement seeks to extinguish freedom. 

Our laws should not exist as a tool for the state to implement social engineering. This is nothing more than the state imposing their own form of morality; which in the end is designed to make religion obsolete. If you have listened to and read my words, you know that the destruction of other religions is one of the ultimate goals of the the Statist Church.

Whether they realize it or not, when a person argues for more laws, they are promoting the ideas of Marx.  When you hear someone wanting more laws, respectfully challenge the idea.  I do it all the time without offending people, so can you.
If  the universal fight for human liberty is to be successful, we must treat this fight as a war.  In fighting a war two things must be known before one can hope to take successful action.
1. A correct understanding of yourself and your capabilities
2. A correct understanding of your enemy and their capabilities.

The universal rule for discovering truth in the affairs of men, is that one must follow the money.  Indeed, behind every great and terrible person or event in history you will find a trail of money which made it all possible.

Many Americans are awakening to the reality of the Federal Reserve Bank. However, the Federal Reserve is only the tip of the iceberg. Most nations are now controlled by similar central banks. These central banks are interconnected through a power central bank that serves as a central bank to the world, the Bank for International Settlements.

The BIS coordinates monetary policy for all the major powers of our world. Central Banks in China, America, The EU, and most other nations are all tied together through this largely unknown central bank in Basil Switzerland. They also have influence over the IMF and the World Bank.

The media rarely mentions anything about the BIS. However, this is not a hard to prove wild conspiracy tale. This is a real bank; it is not a secret organization. The media is just completely failing to report on what may be the most powerful organization in this world. So, from the bank's own site and other reputable sources, lets look at who they are and what they do.

The BIS began in 1930. Its main purpose (originally) was to oversee the payment of German war reparations from WWI. One of the founders, Hjalmar Schacht, later served as Hitler’s minister of finance. They were a crucial part of the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and early 1940’s. As WWII raged, the bank remained neutral funding both sides. Two of the board of directors Walter Funk and Emil Puhl, were later convicted in the Nazi war crimes tribunal. After the war, many nations wanted to see the bank dismantled, but John Maynard Keynes lobbied the governments of the U.S. and the U.K. to keep the bank in tact. The bank was later used to help fund the Marshal Plan. Since 1950 on the bank has been slowly gaining influence in most of economies of the world.

Many critical thinkers have popularized the theory that the wars in Libya and Iraq were less about human rights and freedom and more about oil and resources.  After all, we do not commit these kind of resources to upend every third world dictator who is abusing people. Although I have no doubt that control of resources does factor into such wars, the actual impact of these nations production is small on the long term global economy. And if it was just about resources, why didn't we remove these guys years before?  Qaddafi's Libya and Saddam's Iraq, shared more than oppressive government and oil; they had both in the years before broken ties with the BIS.  In fact, before the Libyan rebels set up a new government, they established a new central bank, tied to the BIS.  Similar things happened in Iraq

During my time with the Navy in Africa, I saw the effects of the World Bank's dept slavery on third world economies.  I saw what happens to poor nations which have the nerve to rise up and seek to throw off the shackles of this debt slavery.  There is either an invasion from an outside force, or a surprisingly well funded bloody revolution.  Did you really think the Arab Spring just grew overnight, that well funded and organized?  Most of the wars in modern history  have less to do with resources and political ideology as they do central banking.

Like other central banks which are apart of the BIS system, the Bank for International Settlements is a super-national organization severely lacking in transparency.  Simply put, we do not know exactly how much money is passing through the bank, and who is involved.

They will on occasion release some figures. From what we do know about the Bank, it becomes clear that they are the central player in the multi-trillion dollar derivatives scam. We also know that they are heavily involved in the manipulation of commodities. Thus they influence everything from the performance of your 401k to the price at the grocery store.  And of course it is all based on good old Marxist style central banking.

When most people learn of the Federal Reserve they become disturbed that an unelected group of private central bankers control the U.S. economy.  But understanding that the Federal Reserve is nothing but a front for a much larger international central banking system is even more disturbing.  When one realizes that through various front organizations they are profiting from war and perpetual poverty, every feeling human being becomes disturbed.  The world as we know it, as the mass propaganda factories present it, is a lie.  These are the money changers of our day; the type of people that Jesus drove from the temple with a whip.  If we are ever going to reduce the poverty and war that springs from their debt slavery, we need to put an end to their power.  


If these people are this powerful, what can we possibly hope to do against such a machine?  The first thing we need to do is accept the reality of the situation.  Obviously, you are not going to be able to gather a group of friends and overthrow this empire with force.  Nor is there much hope of electing enough people to overcome this in any upcoming election, not in a world where big finance drives politics. 

This is going to take time, and it starts by raising public awareness.  How many people do you know, who know about the Bank for International Settlements?  The public needs to be made aware what is happening, and it is not going to come from Fox News, CNN or any other major media outlet.  It will have to come from the people through social media, through bloggers.  Learn about this and share this information with everyone you can. 
The fast against Judge Shelby's ruling has ended.  As the purpose of the fast was to turn back the unconstitutional action, it would have been pointless to continue the fast once a stay was issued. 

It is true, I was seeking nullification from the State of Utah in this matter.  I still see it it as the only viable long term solution, not only for this, but a host of other unconstitutional actions of the Federal Government.  I will still advocate that the Governor and other lawmakers exercise their right of nullification. 

While I will always fight for traditional marriage, it is far from the only issue confronting our society.  There are a whole host of problems being ignored by our corrupt and incompetent media, which need to come to light.  We need to do more to expose the true nature of Cultural Marxism, and the sickness that is satanic religion of Statism.  

On Monday, it will begin with a breakdown of the Bank for International Settlements. 

On Monday, the State of Utah will seek to get a stay from the Supreme Court on the tyrannical ruling of Judge Shelby.  The case will be heard by Sonia Sotomayor, a known champion of the homosexual movement.  Exactly what does the State hope to accomplish?  Miracles do happen, but the chances of her issuing a stay are about as good as me becoming an NFL quarterback.  And what if she does issue a stay?  In a few months, the case will still be heard by the same 10th Circuit Court which refused to even issue a stay. Activist judges are not going to solve this problem.  As much as the State wants to shove a square peg in a round hole, it's not going to work.  The only way out of this mess is to do something that will work.  The State has a way of ending this problem right now: The option of nullification.  

What would the Founders think of nullification?
Nullification goes back to to Thomas Jefferson in 1798.  At the time, the all three branches of government were controlled by the Federalists.  The Congress passed a law known as the Sedition Act which made it a crime to say anything negative about the President.  Thomas Jefferson and several others rightly saw this to be a serious violation of the First Amendment.  But what could they do?  The federalist controlled the Congress and the Courts.  Jefferson devised the ingenious solution of appealing to the states, and argued that the states can nullify any unconstitutional action of the Federal Government.  It worked, and the Sedition Act was relegated to the dust bin of history. 

Isn't this process outdated?

Nullification is currently being used by several states in response to federal action ranging from the Affordable Care Act to EPA regulations.  

Doesn't this violate the Supremacy Clause?  

The Supremacy Clause existed in the days of Jefferson until this time.  It is does not remove the power of nullification from the states.  The Supremacy Clause gives power to the Federal Government to act within the confines of the Constitution, when they act outside of the limits placed by the Constitution, the states have the power to nullify. 

How does Judge Shelby's ruling violate the Constitution? 

The Constitution limits the areas in which Federal Government has authority, these are known as the enumerated powers, these can be found in Article 1 Section 8.  The framers of the Constitution wanted to make it clear that anything which is not listed is the enumerated powers was under the authority of the states and the people; for this reason they created the Tenth Amendment which states: 
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
This is why the states have been in control of marriage for our entire history.  This is the reason the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down.  Constitutionally speaking, judge Shelby should not have even heard the case; it should have been thrown out.  Unfortunately, the Judicial Branch of the government is more concerned with activism than it is with actually following the Constitution.  

It is as Thomas Jefferson so rightly stated:
"To consider judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine; and indeed one that would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy."
It is time for the State to stop wasting time.  Our so-called conservative lawmakers need to show some courage and stand against this judicial tyranny.  They need to exert the will of the people.  Most importantly, they need to defend the constitution!  

What can we do?
  • Spread this message on social media and by word of mouth.
  • Contact State and county officials within the State of Utah and let them know you want them to exercise their rightful power of nullification.

Trestin grew up in a small Utah farming community and has lived and traveled to numerous countries around the the globe.  He is veteran of the War on Terror and a former candidate for the Utah State Senate, who still keeps his constitutional oath. 

From December 21st of 2013 to Jan 6th Trestin caught the attention of the world press, and the rage of Cultural Marxists, when he fasted for over 15 days in protest to the Federal Government's unconstitutional actions against traditional marriage in Utah. 

This is not about any political party or candidate.  In fact you will see no election coverage at all from this site.  On this site we will talk about how to restore freedom not only in America, but the entire world.  To do this, we will tackle many core issues which are being purposefully ignored by popular media outlets. 

Due to the large number of Cultural Marxist groups and sympathizers that have targeted Trestin and this site, comments will be moderated.  Comments that are sincere, not abusive, and actually add to the discussion will be approved.